All our professional DCO’s specialist are experienced in olympic and paralympic games, that provides high standards, practiced in our agency, besade of gentle communication and accurate work.


ADDEPT provides high quality service in urine and blood collection worldwide, according the needs and time limits. Our DCO’s are experienced in any kind of request and demonstrate high professionalism and attentive behavior.


Be sure in our fast response regarding your needs. We are focused on fast attendance, that is fundamental nowadays.


Urine tests
ADDEPT realise complete cycle of blood and urine independent tests worldwide anywhen. Fast response, highly skilled team, years of practice and experience in Olympic and Paralympic games, our credibility worldwide, are the facts, that confirms our high standards and ethics.

ADDEPT provides following services, as an independent doping testing agency:

ADDEPT provides complete cycle of independent tests, that consists in following steps:
organizing anti-doping tests, administration of test samples, shipment to testing laboratories and delivering the control documentation to the clients.

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